Monday, September 1, 2014

Trip to Northern British Columbia

We have just returned from a 31 day trip to northern British Columbia where I had my first mission experience in 1968 and why I joined North America Indian Mission until 1986.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We arrived home to California in mid June to learn of  Ruth Ussher's death in Australia. We had just stayed with them in Melbourne enroute to Papua New Guinea in early May.

This morning we had the joy of a visit from Magdy, Suhita and Betsy Behman from Tucson, Arizona.

Dudley and Roberta Woodberry invited us to their home to hear their son, Bob, give a presentation of his recent research, according to Baylor University, that  looks at the long-term impact of missionaries and different colonial governments on education, economic development and democracy in post-colonial societies.  Paul Pierson responds to the historical significance of the research as Jim and Diane Butler look was a very informative evening.

Sandi and Allen Brune hosted our home Bible Study group for an evening meal the end of July. Pictured here are Peggy and Frank Vicarro, Dan and Joannie Sanborn (also Joanie's brother), Steve and Kathy Matson, Dave Rose (Nancy came later) and Dan Shaw.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Final days at Laidlaw College in New Zealand

After our last meal with the students, several Samoan singers came in and sang for us plus gave us these gorgeous decorations they had made to honor us.


Several Maori friends gave us a farewell dinner on Monday April 22, 2013. Here Matt sang this song to begin the evening.